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The mission of the Potomac River Sports Foundation is to support amateur athletic competition in rowing and sculling. PRSF, a private non-profit charity, focuses its efforts primarily on athletes and programs in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Through grants and other support, PRSF encourages the development of competitive athletes and competition at the national and international levels. Scores of local athletes and coaches assisted by the Foundation have won medals in such competitions as the Olympic Games, World Rowing Championships, U.S. National Rowing Championships, Royal Henley Regatta, and the Pan American Games.

In recent years, the Foundation has broadened its scope of activity to promote a clean and healthy environment in which our athletes can train and compete. For example, PRSF is encouraging DC public officials to develop strong regulations and to enforce laws protecting healthy water quality for the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, and has sought to educate governmental agencies and the public about the need for greater access to the Potomac River for non-motorized recreation.

Matt Madigan, President, PRSF

Paul Knight, Treasurer, PRSF

Board of Directors: Kevin Bedell, Garret Rasmussen, Ed Ryan, Susie Spaulding, Rick Trimble, Judith Vogel, Lena Wang

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